9 Ways to Guarantee a Sweet-Smelling Home

9 Ways to Guarantee a Sweet-Smelling Home

Did you know that even if you clean regularly, your house may still hold on to strong odours that could put visitors off?

You don’t need to feel embarrassed about it as this is perfectly normal; however, by following these tips you can make sure your residence always smells nice. 

Install a Very Powerful Range Hood

The fragrant vapours generated by cooking are just as likely to give your home a persistent stench. Unbeknownst to you, they penetrate fabrics and carpeting. One solution is to purchase an ultra-powerful kitchen range hood that will quickly suck the air out of your house.

Run the Air Exchange System Regularly

An air exchanger refreshes the air inside with the air outside. It’s more effective than opening the windows! If you can, use a device equipped with an automatic system that can detect when the air needs to be replaced. You can then always be sure your residence’s air is clean and pure.

Open the Windows Even in Winter

If you don’t have an air exchange system, you can always fall back on the old fashion method of opening the windows! Doing it just once a month won’t cut it, though. For optimal results, open them wide every day for several minutes … even in winter!

Wash the Sheets and Comforter Every Week

Since we spend approximately 8 hours a day in bed, our sheets inevitably start to smell like us. And although it’s unpleasant to think about, we do sweat at least a little while we sleep! Therefore sheets, pillowcases and even the comforter (unless you remove it before going to bed) should be laundered once a week, or twice a month at the bare minimum.

Here’s a tip: when washing your bedding, add a different soothing fragrance to the load than what you usually use for your clothes, like lavender which has calming properties.

Avoid Upholstered Furnishings

While sofas, ottomans and other seating often come in a variety of stylish fabric coverings, they are more prone to collecting dust and trapping odours than smoother surfaces. If you have such furnishings in your home, consider purchasing a steam cleaner.

Moreover, launder throws and fabric curtains at least once a month to eliminate unpleasant aromas. 

Take Out the Trash, Recycling and Compost Every Day

Having the same faint smell under your nose every day will end up making you blind to its presence. Which is why, when you enter a friend’s house, they’re always surprised to find out it reeks of old banana peels.

To prevent this, empty any container holding—or that has held—food into outdoor bins to keep the stench of decomposing matter at bay. Even the recyclable ones!

Buy an Air Purifier

These small devices are designed to remove dust and bacteria from the air, which has an immediate impact on bad odours.

Rely on Automatic Air Freshener Dispensers

Many of us light scented candles while hosting guests, but we could all benefit from having a continuously fresh-smelling house!

Unfortunately, candles are a short-term solution. Instead, opt for small devices that release a fragrance into the air either when they detect movement or only a few times a day according to a programmed schedule. Set it and forget it!  

Use a Specially Formulated Product on Shoes

A residence’s entryway must smell nice! To ensure it is welcoming, one bit of advice is to stop shoes from becoming this all-important room’s olfactory Achilles heel. To this end, a wide assortment of shoe deodorizing products is available at pharmacies.


We hope that by applying these tips you’ll quickly notice a difference in your home. 

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